American Idol Top Five Performances

The theme for the Top Five was songs of Frank Sinatra. Harry Connick Jr. provided mentoring as well as arranged the songs for the performances.

Aaron Kelly
Fly Me to the Moon

This is a good theme for Aaron, as Frank didn’t really have all that big a voice either. But Blue Eyes could do things with his voice that no one else could.

Unfortunately, there’s no swing in Aaron’s performance. “I don’t think he could swing it if he wanted to,” said the Wife.

It was a good performance. Not great, but decent.

Casey James
Blue Skies

I have to wonder if he was thinking of something more like Willie Nelson’s version. While that might have worked for Casey, Harry Connick Jr.’s version was nothing like Willie’s.

The first few notes were really rough, then he pulled it together a bit. He seemed very nervous throughout, and his vibrato was completely uncontrolled. “Well, he doesn’t have a guitar,” said the Wife.

Not a good vocal. The whole thing just didn’t come together. Casey could be in trouble.

Crystal Bowersox
Summer Wind

She really knows how to make a song her own, yet hold onto the feel of the original.

Great performance with lots of swing. She can sing anything.

Michael Lynche
The Way You Look Tonight

Great song choice! Love the slow, simple opening. He showed the most personality of the night (up to that point).

The only complaint might be that it sounds pretty much like everything else he’s done. He didn’t really do anything new, but I liked the performance.

Lee Dewyze
That’s Life

Nice bluesy arrangement. Casey should have gone this direction.

“My favorite of the night,” said the Wife.

Good stuff and great performance. He gave it the subtle cool that a Frank Sinatra song needs to have. We’re watching Lee grow into a real performer here.

Lee was easily the best of the night, with Crystal and Michael very close for second and third, but probably in that order.

Casey’s was the worst performance of the night, by a long shot. Given that he’s been living in the bottom three, I can’t see how he survives tomorrow night.

At this point, I think the final is likely to be between Lee and Crystal. Crystal probably wins, but stranger things have happened.

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    Couldn’t agree more with all points!

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