American Idol Top 7 Performances

In conjunction with Idol Gives Back, the theme was inspiration songs. Unfortunately, I found the performances overall to be mediocre, not inspirational.

Casey James
Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow by Fleetwood Mac

Once again, nothing risky, but a solid performance. The Wife thought he could have given the performance a bit more edge, but that it was good.

I’ve liked a number of Casey’s performances, but we’re getting towards the end. Safe may not cut it. Time to take chances, Casey.

>Lee DeWyze
The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel

He changed up the song quite a bit. I don’t think it quite came together, but the studio version might be better. The Wife said it was a strange performance.

The judges, of course, loved it. I thought it was ok to good, but I certainly didn’t hear what they did.

Tim Urban
Better Days by the Goo Goo Dolls

This was a good song choice for Tim, but the performance was pretty bad. Pitchy and very nasal.

I think the Tim Urban may be back.

Aaron Kelly
I Believe I Can Fly

Way too big a song for Aaron. The judges gushed about how great he sounded, but it was clear to me that he couldn’t hold the notes all the way through. Nasally at points as well.

The Wife said it was better than she thought it would be. Not good, but not horrible.

Siobhan Magnus
When You Believe by Whitney and Maria

The Wife said that it sounds just like every Disney song.

A bit sleepy, I thought, but I loved what Siobhan did with the ending. Very understated, especially for Siobhan.

At least she didn’t scream it, said the Wife.

Michael Lynche
Hero by Mariah Carey

Great performance. Good arrangement and solid emotional connection. The judges didn’t love it, however.

The Wife observed that Big Mike seems to be gaining weight. Muscle converts to fat rather quickly, and there’s no way Mike has enough time to maintain his muscle mass. Look for him to get fatter the longer he stays in the competition.

Crystal Bowersox
People Get Ready

Loved the a capella opening. Great gospel feel to the performances.

She connected emotionally with the song throughout, but got a bit overwhelmed by it at the end. Need to learn to control it, Crystal.

Easily the best of the night, and one of Crystal’s best performances to date.

Again, Crystal easily wins the night. Michael is second, and then you’ve got a group of Siobhan, Casey and Lee.

The worst of the night was Tim, but Aaron wasn’t much better.

It gets harder and harder to predict who goes home at this point. It should be Tim, but my money is on Aaron. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Michael sent home. He’s spent a lot of time towards the bottom, and the judges tore him apart.

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