American Idol Top Nine (Redux) Performances

With the judges using their save on Michael Lynche last week, we had nine performances again tonight, and two going home tomorrow. The theme was Elvis Presley, with Adam Lambert mentoring.

I’m on the road this week, so notes might be a bit short.

Crystal Bowersox

Good song choice, with a nice gospel feel to the arrangement. The Wife loved it, and thought it was one of her favorites from Crystal.

Andrew Garcia
Hound Dog

I’m not sure my expectations on this performance could have been lower. It’s a good song when Elvis performed it, but I’m not sure anyone else could make it sound decent.

The Wife said it sounded better than she thought it would. Ahhh, the benefit of low expectations.

“He just doesn’t have it,” says the Wife. And yet again, Ellen proves with her positive comments that she knows nothing about music.

Tim Urban
Can’t Help Falling In Love

I like the slightly sped up version, actually. Another from Tim that I kinda liked. It was simple and pretty. I wonder if realizes that they’re backing someone who may not be all that bad.

The Wife said that she liked the performance, but Tim’s smile still annoys her.

Lee DeWyze
A Little Less Conversation

I thought he did too much with the melody on the opening, and that it got lost. But it was better when he opened up. The Wife loved it from start to finish.

The rhythm of the song was very cool. It was good, although I didn’t love it as much as the Wife and the judges.

Aaron Kelly
Blue Suede Shoes

Horrifically bad song choice. “That’s karaoke,” said the Wife.

I agree, but it’s good karaoke. You know, the type that’s entertaining, and that you’d love to see your drunk co-worker do, so you can give him hell for the next six months. He thinks he’s giving a great performances, but you know he’s just making a fool of himself.

Aaron could be in trouble.

Siobhan Magnus
Suspicious Minds

It was like too different songs. The first half sucked. The second have as pretty good. Overall, it was just ok.

And it’s cleat that Siobhan doesn’t take criticism very well. She doesn’t have to follow it, but she should at least listen.

Michael Lynch
In the Ghetto

Michael gets back to what makes him good. I liked it alot.

Really simple. Really heartfelt. And really good.

Katie Stevens
Baby, What Do You Want Me To Do?

Great performance. Loved the attitude and the arrangement with all the horns.

Casey James
Lawdy Miss Clawdy

Blues sure works for him. He’s more and more relaxed every performance. I really liked it.

To pick the best of the night, flip a three-sided coin between Crystal, Michael and Casey. All were very good, but none was really much better than the other two. It’s going to come down to personal preferences. They were followed by Tim and Katie.

The worst of the night was Andrew by a mile, with Aaron being the next worst. I can’t see how either one survives tomorrow night.

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