American Idol Top 24 Performances (Men)

American Idol Top 24 Semifinalists party

Tonight the twelve men of the Top 24 performed on American Idol. There are definitely some good voices in the group, and some likable personalities, but I’m not sure there’s anyone with real star quality.

I hoped to be proven wrong this evening.

Todrick Hall
Since U Benn Gone by Kelly Clarkson

He turned Clarkson’s pop rock hit into a up tempo R&B song. It really wasn’t my sort of thing, but I thought it might be marketable. The judges very much disagreed. I think perhaps they didn’t like someone touching an American Idol’s song.

The Wife didn’t enjoy the song, but really liked the performance.

Aaron Kelly
Here Comes Goodbye by Rascal Flatts

Somebody needs to explain to me someday why Rascal Flatts has a record contract. I just don’t get them.

And Aaron’s performance sounds just like the original. He made nothing abut the song his own. And with a song as boring as this, that’s a big problem.

There aren’t many heart throb options for the tweens this season, so he’ll probably be ok.

Jermaine Sellers
Get Here by Oleta Adams

The sound balance on this song was horrible. It was hard to hear him at first. Unfortunately, this becomes a recurring theme for the night.

He built to the high point of the song nicely, but then he screamed the rest of it. I liked the ending, however.

Overall, it was a bit lounge singerish.

Tim Urban
Apologize by One Republic

I really like this song, but Urban butchers it. His falsetto is just not a pleasing tone.

At best, this was a cheap copy of the original. I suspect Tim’s return to this competition will be short lived.

Simon Cowell was brutal, but realistic. They made the right choice back in Hollywood Week. He doesn’t belong there.

Joe Muñoz
You and I Both by Jason Mraz

Boring song and performance, but Joe has a nice sound.

Through much of the song, I couldn’t understand him, but that was at least partially due to the horrible sound balance.

Tyler Grady
American Woman by Guess Who

I like the beginning quite a bit. It was ok when he opened it up, but he needs a bit more edge.

The Wife said it was the first song tonight that didn’t seem like it lasted forever.

The judges really slammed Tyler for a lack of originality. I can certainly see their point, but the fact that he was entertaining was refreshing tonight.

Lee Dewyze
Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

He reminds me of David Cook, a bit, with what he does with his voice. He hasn’t show anywhere near Cook’s level of control yet, but the competition is young. He has some real potential.

While he missed a couple of notes in the performance, it’s the best of the night so far.

John Park
God Bless the Child

I suppose he tried to make it his own, but he made some really odd choices with the notes. And, if he feels the emotion of this great song, he sure doesn’t show it.

The Wife says it sounds way too old. I agree. There’s just not much to like in this performance.

Michael Lynche
This Love by Maroon 5

I cringed on the song choice, but Big Mike went a funky R&Bish direction on this pop song, and it really worked for me.

The Wife doesn’t like the song (never has), but really liked Mike’s performance.

Alex Lambert
Wonderful World by James Morrison

His voice is very nasal. It just isn’t pleasant to listen to.

And he has no presence on the stage. I just don’t see the potential the judges keep referring to.

If Alex can last a few weeks, I predict a long run as favorite.

Casey James
Heaven by Bryan Adams

Casey is one of the few guys who might have star potential, but the behavior of the judges is completely unprofessional. They were much more interested in messing with Kara DioGuardi then listening to his performance. It just wasn’t fair to Casey.

Especially since they missed a pretty good performance.

I really liked the acoustic version of Bryan Adams’ song. It was a great song choice and arrangement.

Casey has a good voice, but I’m not sure he was really feeling the music. It seemed a bit like he was just performing.

Andrew Garcia
Sugar, We’re Goign Down by Fall Out Boy

I didn’t like the performance, but the ending was rather nice. He’s got a good voice, but there was no spark. And the acoustic version of this song just didn’t work for me.

So, the best performances of the night were Lee Dewyze, Michael Lynche, and Casey James, but none of them completely blew me away.

The worst of the night were Tim Urban, John Park, and Alex Lambert. is backing Tim Urban. This early in the competition, I think they can protect him, so Park and Lambert likely go home.

So, how do the girls compare to the guys?

Overall, I think the girls were better, but I’m not sure any of the guys were as bad as Haeley Vaughn or Lacey Brown were last night. I also don’t think any of the guys were as good as Siobhan Magnus or Crystal Bowersox (and arguably several others) last night.

Of the guys, the only ones with any chance of winning are Lee Dewyze, Michael Lynche, and Casey James, and they’re all three long shots.

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