Mike Leach Fired

Prior to this morning’s hearing to address the injunction Mike Leach filed yesterday, Leach’s attorney Ted Liggett received a letter from Texas Tech president Guy Bailey terminating Leach’s employment for cause, effective immediately. As a result, the court hearing never occurred (I assume because Leach no longer had standing for the injunction).

Texas Tech v Houston

Ted Liggett stated that a lawsuit against Texas Tech would be coming soon.

I’ve gone back and forth on this issue. There’s no question that Leach is an ass and treats his players poorly. This has been proven many times.

On the other hand, there are credible allegations that Adam James was lazy with an entitlement complex. While his concussion was indicated medically, it does seem like he was milking the issue.

On yet another hand, given the recent focus on the long term impact of concussions suffered by players, sending any sort of message to his players that a concussion shouldn’t be taken seriously was just stupid by Leach.

And picking on the son of an analyst for the most powerful sports empire in the world is nothing short of going full retard.

So, where does this leave Texas Tech?

Some are saying that the way the administration handled this will make it hard to hire a quality coach. Given Leach’s reputation as a loose cannon, I think this is overstated. Besides, it’s not as if they’ve had much success bringing quality coaches to Lubbock before Leach.

The early short list of potential replacements includes Art Briles, Ruffin McNeill, and Sonny Dykes.

I don’t see Briles leaving Baylor for Texas Tech. It’s arguably not a move up, and things are looking nice there in Waco with a healthy Robert Griffin returning.

McNeill has been a good defensive coordinator by Texas Tech terms, but that’s not really all that good. We’ll see how he does in the bowl game, but I wouldn’t expect him to get the permanent nod.

That leaves Sonny Dykes. He’s a legacy, both as a baseball player and as the son of Tech coaching legend Spike Dykes. He’s unproven as a head coach, but I have no doubt he’d take the job if offered. And it seems likely to come his direction.

And where does Mike Leach go?

Leach has made it clear over the last couple of seasons that he wanted to be just about anywhere but Texas Tech. Unfortunately, not one of the universities he spoke with wanted him. He has too much coaching ability not to end up somewhere, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it were a non-BCS school.

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