Texas vs. Oklahoma State Predictions

Texas v Missouri

Over the summer, I had tonight’s game against the Oklahoma State Cowboys in Stillwater was one to worry about. It has all the signs of a trap game. Road game at night. Against a team who is solid but unrespected. We had a good chance of going into it undefeated. And it’s one year after that horrible night in Lubbock last season.

The season started and the Texas Longhorns didn’t do anything to make me feel better about the game. The offense appeared to be barely a shadow of last season’s powerhouse. Making it to Halloween undefeated looked like a long shot.

Then the Goon Squad began to assert itself.

The Texas defense has gotten better every week of this season. We’re the number two rated defense in the country. And we’ve knocked the last three starting quarterbacks we’ve faced out of the game.

As the defense get better, the offense began to wake up. First in the second half of the OU game, against a very stout Oklahoma defense.

And last week, the Texas offense came out hot, and didn’t let up until they chose to do so in the second half of the week.

My faith in Will Muschamp has grown strong, and I don’t think he let’s us down this week.

Texas v Missouri

This is arguably the best offense we’ve faced all season. Dez Bryant may be watching from the stands, but they’re still a balanced, effective offense. They’ll get their yards, but I don’t see them scoring more than two or three touchdowns.

That won’t be enough. The OSU defense is good, but not great. The Horns come out hot and put at least five touchdowns on the board, winning going away.

Pasadena in early January is starting to look good.

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