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I will always take an ugly win over a pretty loss. And Saturday’s 16-13 win by the Texas Longhorns over the Oklahoma Sooners certainly qualifies as an ugly win.

Especially the first half, where Texas managed only 59 yards of offense (compared to Oklahoma’s 192). Colt McCoy was sacked four times in the first thirty minutes.

But while the Texas defense gave up yards, they were stingy with points, holding Oklahoma to only six points in the first half. For the game, they held OU to -16 yards rushing to 3 of 15 on third down, and forced five turnovers.

Ugly also applied in the penalties, with 21 penalties for 228 yards being called on the two teams.

One has to suppose that this moves McCoy into the long shot realm for the Heisman Trophy, as he went 21 of 40 for 127 yards, with one touchdown and one interception. He really needed to have a big game to keep up with the leaders.

Jordan Shipley was all but a non-factor in the game, doing nothing on returns and only gaining 22 yards in receiving. The double team we’ve been expecting has finally arrived, and the rest of the receivers need to step up their game.

Oklahoma v Texas

Earl Thomas had a monster game on the defense, with seven total tackles (five solo and two for loss), and interception and three broken up passes. Sergio Kindle added six tacked of his own (four solo).

I was sad to see Sam Bradford hurt again. He really seems like a good kid, and he clearly wasn’t ready to come back in. The sack by Aaron Williams didn’t look like anything unusual. Bradford needs to think about his future at this point.

Overall, they were two well matched teams, with Texas being just slightly better. Oklahoma had the better defense, but Texas had the more explosive defense. Neither offense had much to be proud of.

Six games into the season, Texas remains undefeated. Two more serious challenges remain, with a game at Missouri next Saturday and at Oklahoma State on Halloween.

The initial BCS rankings came out Sunday, and to no one’s surprise, Texas was third behind Florida and Alabama. The computers didn’t have much love for Texas, but that will improve over the following weeks, assuming Texas continues to win.

And that’s really what it comes down to. If Texas wins all their games, they will play for the national championship in Pasadena. Either Florida or Alabama must go down in the SEC Championship (if not before), and no one else is going to jump an undefeated Texas.

Whether Texas’ quality of play this season is high enough to go undefeated remains to be seen, but all they need to do is win. Even if the wins are ugly.

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  1. Paul G.

    Okay okay…I’m drowning in UT football. Those ‘rest of us’, like Aggies, Horn-toads, Sooners, etc. would also like to read about other things you are doing, equally and potentially even more interesting! Granted this IS your blog, but I know you are out there stirring it up, so I wanna hear more about that!

    my two-cents,

  2. Brian Combs

    LOL! But I’m busy and the UT posts write themselves!

    I’ll try to re-diversify. 😉

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