American Idol Top Five Results

The results are in from the Rat Pack Week at American Idol, and it certainly had its share of drama, especially as to the makeup of the Bottom Three. Forty-seven million votes were cast last night for their favorite American Idol contestant.

The Ford Music Video and group song were goofy as always. Also goofy was the video of the food fight. Fortunately, they got through all that fairly quickly, and went to the results.

Ryan Seacrest took all five contestants to the middle of the stage. Matt Giraud was sent to the right. Next Danny Gokey was sent to the left.

Allison Iraheta was then sent to the left to join Danny, and Kris Allen was sent to the right to hang out with Matt.

Adam Lambert remains in the middle. Ryan asks him the sucker’s question, which group he would like to join. He’s actually gullible enough to answer, says he wants join Allison and Danny, and walks over to join them on the left.

It’s clear this is the correct group to want to join, but it’s not the right group for Adam actually to join, when Ryan tells him to walk across the stage and join Matt and Kris in the Bottom Three.

At this point, I wonder if they would have had a Bottom Three (with only five left in the competition), if Adam hadn’t been part of it.

So, Allison and Danny are safe, and Matt, Kris and Adam are in the Bottom Three. For the first time in the entire competition, Adam looks a bit uncomfortable.

Next, Natalie Cole performs “Somethings Gotta Give”. Natalie is on the transplant list awaiting a new kidney, and has to have dialysis three times a week. Her frailty is apparent visually, but not in her voice. She sounds great (although her pitch was rather odd at the end of the song).

After the commercial break, winner of the fifth season of American Idol Taylor Hicks takes the stage to perform “Seven Mile Breakdown”. I’m reminded why Taylor Hicks is Vote For The Worst’s biggest success. The song is boring and the performance is weak.

Back to results… One of the Bottom Three is safe. And it’s Kris.

Matt and Adam are the Bottom Two. Adam looks rather nervous now.

The last guest performance is by mentor-of-the-week Jamie Foxx. He performs his hit single “Blame It”. I don’t really care for the song, but he certainly knows how to work an audience.

On to the last batch of results… To no one’s surprise, Adam is safe and Matt is going home. Matt sings his song from last night again, and sounds about the same.

So, Adam has had his first brush with mortality. Frankly, it might be good for him. He’s breezed through this competition, and I thought yesterday’s performance was underwhelming. Yes, it sounded good as always, but it sounded a lot like other weeks. There was nothing memorable about it.

Danny, Allison and Kris were simply better.

And, the correct person went home. Matt had moments where he was good, but was never really great, and had some abysmal moments as well.

Our Final Four is Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert, Kris Allan and Allison Iraheta. With this week’s shake-up in voting, the whole competition is truly up for grabs. Any of the four could go home next week, or win it all.

Next weeks’ theme is Rock and Roll, with a visit from Slash. It’s not clear yet whether he’s going to be the mentor or just a guest performer. I’ll post details (and song suggestions) when I know more.

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