American Idol Top Seven (Redux) Results

Time for results from Disco Week, with two people heading home, and no judge’s save. predicted Lil Rounds as the top vote recipient, with Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta going home. That’s a result that would displease many.

As an advertising exec, I have to say I like the AT&T advertisement that they slipped in there during the behind-the-scenes of the choreography with Paula Abdul.

American Idol Top 13 Party

As for the group number, while the dancing was better than usual (thanks to Paula), it was clearly lip sync’ed. And even so, it sounded worse than any of the performances last night.

Next was the Ford Music Video. That’s funny; I didn’t know Ford made a hearse. The vehicle was almost, but not quite, as ugly as the song.

On to results. Lil Rounds is up first. Ryan tells her that she needs to walk across the stage, implying that she’s in the Bottom Three. He stops her about three-quarters of the way across and tells her that she’s going home. Strange way of doing it.

She sings “I’m Every Woman” again. She sounds quite a bit better than last night. It’s amazing what she can do with no pressure.

Next up is a medley of disco hits, from a trio of former disco stars.

Freda Payne is up first, and it’s clear that she’s had three or four too many face lifts. He face is pulled way back to her ears. Unfortunately, she doesn’t sound much better. The Wife said it was painful.

Next is Thelma Houston. She looks and sounds quite a bit better. She’s clearly still got the groove.

Last is Harry Wayne “KC” Casey, of KC and the Sunshine Band. But why is Tony Soprano on stage? Well, Tony still sounds pretty good, but not great.

Back to results. Kris Allen is safe. As is Adam Lambert. And, of course, Danny Gokey. No surprises on any of those. They got the obvious ones out of the way.

Anoop Desai is told to stand next. The Wife points out that he has to be in the Bottom Three, or we’ll know that the other two are. Sure enough, he’s sent across the stage.

Matt Giraud and Allison Iraheta are told to stand up. Matt is safe and Allison is in the Bottom Three.

With one of the Bottom Three already sent home (or back stage, at least), Anoop and Allison are still at risk. It’s most likely Anoop going home. He might have stood a chance against Matt, but not Allison.

The final performance of the night is from last year’s runner up, favorite of [description redacted by the Wife] everywhere, David Archuleta. He performs his single “Touch My Hand”. He looks and sounds the same.

I’m sure the tweens love this song. Me, not so much.

On to the final results. Anoop is indeed, going home. He sings again, and just like Lil, sounds better tonight than he did last night. If he’d kept it slow, he might have had a chance. was way off for the second week in a row. Considering how accurate they had been previously, this is surprising.

If the judge’s hadn’t wasted their save on Matt last week, Lil would have gone home tonight. In other words, the save of Matt cost Anoop at least one week on the show.

It’s not a tragic loss, but a bit sad. He wasn’t long for the show, but I really enjoyed some of his performances. I can’t remember the last one of Matt’s I liked.

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