Astrophotography: Venus-Moon Conjunction, April 22, 2009

For those out in about in the early hours this morning, you may have been treated to an unusual site, the moon and venus right next to each other in the sky. This dance between the moon and venus has been going on for a few months, but this morning, the crescent moon actually passed in front of a crescent venus (known as an occultation in astronomy).

I’m not what you would call a morning person (I much prefer to shoot in the late evening), but I drug myself out of bed to take some pictures of this. This conjunction was bright enough that I could actually shoot it from my front yard, without having to drive away from the bright lights.

Note: Click on the thumbnail of each image to see a larger version.

Technical Notes: All pictures were taken on my Nikon D200 with the Sigma 50-500mm lens, tripod mounted with a cable release.

9 Comments on “Astrophotography: Venus-Moon Conjunction, April 22, 2009

  1. Matt

    There was a similar conjunctiono on the night of Sept 11 2001 also.

  2. Brian Combs

    Really? That’s a freaky coincidence.

  3. Marie

    I actually got to see Venus eclipse the crescent moon!
    did you see this also?
    it was somethin.’ : )

  4. Brian Combs

    I missed the eclipse itself, unfortunately. Had some work that had to be done. 🙁

    I’m glad you got to see it, however.

  5. Paul

    I walked out this morning at 6:15 in Houston, and saw that and was jazzed to see it. After some of the Venus and Moon stuff last fall, it was nice to see them together again. I was not aware this was going to happen, so a surprise. Thanks for posting the pix.

  6. Brian Combs

    I was hoping to shoot again this morning (trying to get pictures of Mars joining the party), but it was completely clouded over in Austin.

  7. Cathy

    Thanks for posting Brian! Lovely photos. Is was breathtaking, wasn’t it?

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  9. Karin

    Thanks Brian for the beautiful photos. I saw the same thing this morning at 4am from out my window in Kagoshima City, Japan. It was as bright and large as your second photo on the top left. It was so awesome! I wasn’t able to photograph it, so I am really glad you did. Thanks!

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