American Idol Top Seven Results

It’s results time for the Top Seven and “Idol at the Movies”. Ryan leads right into the Ford Music Video. It was so bad I’ve managed to block it out of my memory, but the Wife says it hurt her ears.

Speaking of bad, the group sing was “Maniac” from “Flashdance”. It was tragically bad. Like “car wreck on the highway, but your driving by from the other direction, and you can’t avert your eyes” bad. I couldn’t even fast forward it.

The Wife says should could have easily fast forwarded it. Too bad I don’t let her have the remote.

The behind-the-scenes of the week was from yesterday. Apparently, right after the performance, they jumped in a limo and went to the premiere of “Seventeen Again”. What the heck did they do that warranted that punishment?

On to results. Allison Iraheta is safe. Adam Lambert is safe. Anoop Desai is in the Bottom Three.

Anoop can’t catch a break. The votes just don’t seem to be there for him, no matter how well he performs.

But at least our single suggestion that matched (Allison) wasn’t in the Bottom Three for a change.

Idol alumnus, Academy Award winner and Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson returns to the Idol stage to perform “If This Isn’t Love” from her self-titled debut album. She sounds good as always, but I don’t really care for the song.

Back to results… Kris Allen and Lil Rounds are told to stand up. One is safe and one is in the Bottom Three. Kris is safe and Lil is sent across the stage to join Anoop.

Matt Giraud and Danny Gokey are told to stand up. Danny is safe and Matt is in the Bottom Three.

Anoop, Lil and Matt are the Bottom Three. I’m fairly comfortable with this grouping. None of them are going to end up in the Top Three, much less win.

As usual, Ryan sends one person back over to the happy chairs, and it’s Anoop. So the Bottom Two are Lil and Matt.

Next, Miley Cyrus takes the stage to perform “The Climb”. The Wife has warned me that she is a studio performer, and is not a good live performer. While there are definitely some rough spots (the big notes in particular), it’s not as bad as either of us were expecting.

The audience really didn’t seen into her performance, however. And why is she head banging to a slow, country song?

At least she’s not wearing too slutty an outfit, the Wife says.

And on to the final results… Lil is safe, so Matt is set to go home, unless he convinces the judges to use their one and only save. If they don’t use it tonight, next week is their last chance to do so.

Matt sings for his life. In my opinion, he sounded worse tonight than he did last night. The Wife thought it was a bit better.

Neither of us think the judges should save him, however.

After much too much drawing it out, Simon let’s Matt know he’s been saved. We’re both stunned by this.

So, next week we do the Top Seven all over again, with two contestants being sent home, and no judges’ save. And according to Simon, it’s Disco Week.

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