Is Texas A&M really as bad as they seem?

Maybe Sherman is having them tank this season so they’ll get a top pick in next year’s draft … – austintex,

The short answer is “no”.

For a longer answer, let’s review the season so far. They opened the season with a loss at home to Arkansas State. That’s about as bad a start to a season as one can have.

Next, they go on the road and squeeze out a win against New Mexico. Aggie faithful celebrate this as one of the greatest wins in Texas A&M history, and many are sure they’re on the way to a Big 12 championship.

Reality returns when Miami comes to town. While far from the Miami of old, they still have way too much speed for the hapless Aggies, and beat them by three scores.

Yesterday, it was the Cadets of Army who came to College Station. I’m sure the Texas A&M Corps was both confused and intimidated by the sight of real military men. However, Army is probably the worst team of the service academies (Go Navy!). A&M barely escapes with a win. Despite completing only one pass for four yards, Army gashed A&M for almost three bills on the ground.

Starting QB Stephen McGee went out of the game yet again with a shoulder injury. The idea that McGee might be soft is laughable; my theory is that Coach Sherman is sitting him. Mike Sherman knows the season is a loss, and is investing in the future.

After four games, the “Mighty Fighting Texas Aggies” have the 101st best offense in the division, and the 89th best defense.

So, are they really as bad as they seem? I say that they can’t be. No team that beat the Longhorns the last two years could really be this bad, could they?

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