American Idol Top Ten Results

Tonight was an Obama-presser delayed Thursday night results show. They started with the usual crappy group sing that I skipped.

Onset Of Reuben Studdards Video Change Me

Next was the Ford Music Video, which hardly showed the Idols at all. It showed the vehicles a lot though, which suggests that maybe Ford is figuring out what advertising is supposed to accomplish.

The first live performance of the night was from Season 2 winner Ruben Studdard, who performed his new single “Together”. Ruben’s career hasn’t really gone anywhere since he won, and I don’t think the new song will change that. He sounded nice as always, but I thought the song was boring.

And somebody give the man a towel!

Now on to results… Adam Lambert is safe, but Matt Giraud is in the Bottom Three, surprisingly. The dreaded first performance spot takes its toll. Kris Allen is safe.

Either Michael Sarver or Lil Rounds are in the Bottom Three. Lil Rounds is safe and Sarver joins Giraud.

At this point, Giraud is turning a fascinating shade of green. I’m worried that we’re going to get to see what he ate for dinner.

The second live performance was a duet of “You’re the One for Me” with Joss Stone and Smokey Robinson. I’m not sure if their voices didn’t match or one of them was off, but the harmonies sounded horrible. All in all, a sleepy, dreary song.

Back to the results… Allison Iraheta is safe. So is Noop Dog. Danny Gokey is safe as well. No surprises on those three.

The last two are Scott MacIntyre and Megan Corkrey. One of them is safe and one joins Michael and Matt on the other side of the stage. It looks like Vote For The Worst pulled through for Megan, because Scott is escorted across the stage.

Michael, Matt and Scott are the Bottom Three. Ryan tells Scott he’s safe and takes him back across the stage.

Michael Sarver and Matt Giraud are the Bottom Two. Matt looks absolutely horrible. It’s clear he never expected to be in this position. Michael looks like he’s taking it in stride.

Celebrities attend the funeral for music executive Jheryl Busby

The third and final live performance is a medley of songs by the great Stevie Wonder. Even at his age, Stevie still sounds wonderful. The medley was extraordinarily long, however.

As they’re running out of time, it’s a rush on the final results. Unsurprisingly, Sarver is the bottom for the week.

Will they save him? I really doubt it. In fact, there’s no chance.

He sings his song from last night again. The ladies think he did much better, but it sounds about the same to me. It was better than Megan or Scott last night, but not worth spending the save.

And they don’t.

So Michael is going home. He looks neither surprised nor upset.

The fact is, he had no chance of winning the competition, and I don’t see a recording contract as being very likely for him. Still, he gets to go on the American Idol tour this summer and make some money for his family.

Not too bad for a wildcatter from East Texas.

Matt being second to last was quite surprising. I’m not as high on him as Simon, but he was clearly in the top two or three last night. It will be interesting to see whether he suffered simply due to position, or if he just isn’t liked that much.

With nine contestants left, my Top Five is:

  1. Adam Lambert (he’s ready to perform, and showed us greatness this week)
  2. Allison Iraheta (the girl can just flat sing)
  3. Danny Gokey (this is probably his peak, and he’ll head down from here)
  4. Lil Rounds (may be trending down is she doesn’t impress soon)
  5. Matt Giraud (with Kris Allen and Anoop Desai closing in)

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