Texas Longhorns vs Minnesota Gophers Preview

Big 12 Championship Quarterfinals

First Round, East Regional
Texas Longhorns versus Minnesota Gophers
Greensboro, NC
Thursday, March 19, 2009, 6:10pm

With the tip-off of Texas’s first round match up against Minnesota about a day away, here is a bevy of links to previews of the game. (See my own prediction below the links.)

Barking Carnival

Burnt Orange Nation

The Austin American Statesman


The Houston Chronicle

The Dallas Morning News

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Temple Daily Telegram


Burnt Orange Beat




Minneapolis/St. Paul City Pages



From the Barn

The Fourth Strike

The Daily Gopher





I’ll update this list as additional previews come in tonight and Thursday.

So, what am I expecting from the game?

I agree with Trips Right of Barking Carnival that Texas matches up very well against Minnesota. On the other hand, Texas has already lost this season to worse teams.

Texas has been a confusing and frustrating team this season, playing great one night, and horribly the next. And more than once, we’ve done both in the same night.

If Texas can press the tempo to chew into the relatively short Minnesota bench and keep Pittman out of foul trouble inside, we should be fine.

But don’t expect Texas to put away Minnesota early. The Gophers will likely hang around longer than any of us would like, and if Texas doesn’t finish well (something that has been a problem this season), we could be one and done.

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