iProspect acquires Range Online Media

Word came out yesterday that search agency iProspect had purchased Fort Worth agency Range Online Media. Virtually no details of the transaction have been announced, so it is difficult to perform much in the way of analysis.

Most likely, one of two scenarios will play out:

  1. iProspect will absorb Range’s customers and turn the Fort Worth office in a field sales office. Some service personnel will be transferred to other offices, while some will be let go.
  2. iProspect intends to use Range to lower labor costs, taking advantage of depressed salaries in Dallas versus the coasts. Sales may or may not be retained and/or moved, in this case.

In either case, retention chances are likely low for administrative personnel, who will mostly be let go as a cost saving measure. Welcome to the brutal reality of the roll-up.

Range president Misty Locke is being retained, for at least a while.

Any Range Online Media staffers who might be interested in joining a rapidly growing search marketing agency in Austin, Texas, might want to drop me a line. Sales and Services staffers, especially.

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