American Idol Top Thirteen Results

Well 50% ain’t all that bad. If I could hit one out of every two pitches in baseball, I’d be one of the highest paid players in history.

In predicting American Idol, however, it’s at best mediocre. I’d be happier if the other one going home had at least been one of my bubble picks.

They announced a new rule tonight. From tonight until the final five, the judges can save one person from going home. This is to prevent a repeat of the early departures of seasons past such as Daughtry and Michael Johns. Both of these caused huge uproars among the fans when they left the show.

The judges only get to use this save once for the entire season, and it can only be enacted by unanimous vote. If/when it is used, two people will be sent home the following week.

As an attempt to address egregious mistakes, this seems like a good approach (at least at first blush).

After a horrific group medley of Michael Jackson songs (I hate the group songs) and a nice, albeit somewhat pedestrian Ford Music Video, they got down to the results. The first pair from which someone was being sent home was Jasmine Murray and Megan Corkrey.

This was a surprise. If the Idol tradition holds that these were two of the lowest vote getters (two of the lowest four, because of two people being sent home), then my guess on both of them was wrong.

It also suggests that Vote For the Worst might not be as strong as in years past.

I rather liked both of their performances last night. No, they weren’t stellar, but nothing last night really was.

After too much delaying by Seacrest, it is young Jasmine Murray being sent home. I’m not too disappointed by this. While she clearly has talent and a very commercial look, she’s not quite ready for the big leagues. I didn’t expect her to go home tonight, but I didn’t think she would last many weeks.

Hopefully we’ll hear her name again in a few years.

The judges decided not to use their save on Jasmine. No surprise there. With only one save, they’re going to hold onto it.

During the recap of her American Idol experience, they played a version of “Home Sweet Home” that I hadn’t heard before. Apparently, it’s a new release by Carrie Underwood. I’ll be heading to iTunes to download it after I finish this posting.

Next up was a performance by KanYe West. I’m not a KanYe fan, so you’ll have to look to someone who is younger and hipper than I for an opinion on how he did. I was taking clothes out of the dryer.

After telling some more people they were safe, Kelly Clarkson returned to the American Idol stage for the first time. She sang her new single “My Life Would Suck Without You.”

Kelly has been having a rough time the last couple of years. She decided that she could manage her own career better than her handlers, and made all the decisions on her album before this latest. I believe the estimates are that it sold all of fifteen copies.

With “My Life Would Suck Without You”, Kelly has returned to old form. In addition to having a very cool name, the song really reminded me of “Since U Been Gone”. I’ll also be grabbing it from iTunes.

Good to have you back, Kelly.

The last two were Anoop Desai and Jorge Nuñez, my bottom two picks for last night. I could have flipped a coin between the two. Noop Dog is probably the least talented left, but is a solid entertainer. Jorge had real potential, but was absolutely horrible last night.

Jorge is the loser, and again the judges decline to use their save.

I’m a little saddened by this. Jorge definitely has talent, but the language deficiencies were just too much of a handicap on an English language show. He had the potential to hit on a song that really worked for us, and to give us a great performance.

Go do something for the Spanish market, Jorge, and come back to the US once you’ve made it. That’s just about the only way a non-English speaker is going to make it in the mainstream American market, unfortunately.

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