American Idol – Top 36, Group 2 Performances

2009 Winter TCA Tour - Day 7

My wife had the perfect summation for tonight:

A whole lot of “ok”.

That was really it. Not too many horrible performances, but not a lot to love either. Let’s look at the specifics.

Jasmine Murray
Love Song by Sara Bareilles

I’ve liked Jasmine since seeing her initial audition and all the way through Hollywood Week. She’s consistently performed at a high level.

Until tonight.

Her rendition of “Love Song” was nice, but rather boring.

Matt Giraud
Viva la Vida by Coldplay

I loved his rendition of “Georgia” in Hollywood Week, but this performance was very pitchy and he seems to have some sort of strange thing going on with his vibratto.

Jeanine Vailes
This Love by Mroon 5

She was all over the place with this song. It was very pitchy and she oversang much of the song.

Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentile
One of the songs from Dream Girls, I think

Oddly, at this point, his was the best performance of the night.

Still, he needs to go home. Or to Vegas, which is where he truly wants to be, I expect.

Allison Iraheta
Alone by Heart

Great song choice, but is her voice big enough for this song? Yes, it is! Not as solid as Alexis Grace last week, but really good.

It’s also good that the actually performances have finally started, but was one of the backup signers off key in this performance?

Kris Allen
Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson

Why does someone always pick an MJ song? It rarely ends well.

Kris actually does a decent job. Nice tone and he resists the urge to oversing it.

Megan Corkrey
Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae

I really like this performance. Soulfull with a cool vibe. The wife thought it was better than the original, but that her outfit was atrocious. Her dancing and arm movements seem rather awkward to me, but I guess they work for her.

Matt Breitzke
If You Could Only See by Tonic

I really liked the opening, but he just doesn’t have enough rocker in him for the faster parts of this song. He has a nice voice and stays in tune (somewhat rare tonight), but it started to get dull.

I did like the ending, however.

Jesse Langseth
Betty Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes

Nice performance, but something wasn’t quite there. Not good enough to get her through.

Kai Kalama
What Becomes of the Broken Hearted by Jimmy Ruffin

I really wanted Kai to do well in this performance. Unfortunately, it was nice, but rather karaoke. The performance was oddly flat, with what energy there was seeming forced.

Mishavonna Henson
Drops of Jupiter by Train

Nice vocals, but nothing exciting about it.

Adam Lambert
Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones

Loved the beginning. Absolutely loved it.

The faster, second part didn’t seem as genuine to me, but it still worked. He changed the song up nicely.

The wife loved it, and I would agree that it’s the best performance of the night.

So, I predict that the top two spots go to Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta, with either Kris Allen or Megan Corkery taking the last spot.

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  1. rooborne

    Days of records ( and no video) are over.Her awkward body movements turn off a lot of people.

    Show Biz is tough,and a good voice,coupled with a freakish tatoo might make it .But the lack of body rhythm does not get her a high enough mark in the sex appeal category to make it to the final rounds,let a alone a big career as a singer.

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