Thoughts on the National Championship Game

FedEx BCS National Championship Game - Oklahoma v Florida

The Oklahoma Sooners proved that they didn’t belong in the national championship picture last night, as the Florida Gators allows only two touchdowns, winning 24-14.

Some thoughts, in no particular order…

The FedEx spokesman right before the game had a proto-mullet. Between him and the Longhorn Mullet Man in the Fiesta Bowl, I’m starting to think it’s making a comeback. Business in the front, party in the back!

Sam Bradford has an amazing arm, but is slow. I think I could catch him. On a day when my knees hurt even.

I was going to refer to my 98 year old grandmother, but with her walker, she’s faster than both of us.

While the Fox Sports broadcast wasn’t as bad as it was in the Fiesta Bowl, it was still fairly amateurish. It seems the announcers didn’t really understand the rules. But at least they tended to show the plays.

FedEx BCS National Championship Game - Oklahoma v Florida

And, they couldn’t tell the difference between various downs either. It was 3rd and goal, idiots, not 4th and goal.

The clock counting up during OU plays was stupid. Has Fox never seen a hurry-up offense before?

While I’ve got some issues with ESPN’s broadcasting, they are bound to do a better job with the BCS than Fox did.

Bradford is the most accurate quarterback in the NCAA? Didn’t Colt McCoy just set a record for that on Monday?

While I don’t think Tebow is as great a quarterback as the media makes him out to be (he’s got some consistency problems on his throws), he’s a hell of a competitor and leader. And a lot of fun to watch.

Nic Harris’s play on Percy Harvin towards the end of the game was dirty. The tackle itself was clean, but to pull on the legs of a guy who was having leg problems is unbelievable. There are sideline reports of the following conversation.

FedEx BCS National Championship Game - Oklahoma v Florida

[on the sidelines right before the play]
Bob Stoops: Sweep the leg.
[Nic stares at him in shock]
Bob Stoops: Do you have a problem with that?
Nic Harris: No, Sensei.
Bob Stoops: No mercy.

Of course, that makes Urban Meyer out to be Mr. Miyagi, which is hard to swallow.

Note: Above conversation may be a figment of my imagination.

So, what next for the Land Thieves?

I expect an announcement that Bradford is going pro in the next few days. He’d be foolish not to. Nothing he can do can possibly help his draft status right now. He can only go down.

If Stoops is ever going to bolt for the NFL, now would be the time. There are quite a few openings, and OU is losing a lot this year. If he doesn’t take the pro job now, I’m not sure he ever will.

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