My NCAA Football Top Five

1st – Florida Gators
They looked great tonight and their defense was amazing, holding a potent OU offense to fourteen points. Yes, their loss was worse than ours, but they’ve certainly gotten it done since then.

2nd – Texas Longhorns
No, they didn’t exactly dominate the Fiesta Bowl, but Ohio State played their best game of the season against us. Besides, it’s my list and I’m still pissed about our not being in the National Championship Game. You’re lucky I didn’t put them first.

3rd – Utah Utes
They had an undefeated season, although in a weak conference, and handled Alabama easily in their bowl game. I might have put them ahead of Texas, except that they backed out of a game against us this season. That, and close wins against powerhouses New Mexico and Michigan get you a third place vote.

4th – USC Trojans
Yes, they finished the season strong against Penn State, but that ugly loss to Oregon State can’t be forgotten, no matter how great your defense is.

5th – Oklahoma Sooners
They’re my highest ranked two loss team, so they should be happy with this ranking, right? If not, too bad. You lost yet another bowl game.

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