Pacman Jones done in Dallas

Houston Texans v Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys continued the process of cleaning house today, as Adam “Pacman” Jones was released. The only people that will miss his being in the Cowboys defensive backfield will be fans of the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Cowboys released Jones after learning of his being involved with yet another off-the-field incident, this one a shooting outside a suburban Atlanta strip club in June 2007. Apparently, Jones did not disclose this incident to management.

And while he didn’t even play that well when on the field for Dallas, it does show the lengths to which Jerry Jones will go to try and win.

It seems he’ll do anything but give someone competent day-to-day control of the Cowboys.

This is probably just the second in a line of personnel soon to be released by the Cowboys (special teams coach Bruce Read was let go last week). Other potential firings include:

  • Head coach Wade Phillips, although Jones denies this will happen
  • Either Terrell Owens or receiver Roy Williams (but probably not both)
  • Tank Johnson
  • Tony Romo should be let go, but I don’t think it will happen
  • Safety Roy Williams should also get his walking papers, as he hasn’t covered anyone in about three years.

Some of the shine is certainly off Jason Garrett, but I don’t think Jerry will dump him yet.

The next few weeks should be interesting…

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