Thoughts on the Fiesta Bowl

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl - Texas v Ohio State

It was much closer than I thought (hoped?) it would be, but in the end, the Texas Longhorns pulled out the win against the Ohio State Buckeyes in last night’s Fiesta Bowl. Here are some thoughts on the game (in no particular order).

Fox Sports’ coverage is absolutely horrible. As a sports broadcaster, you have one main responsibility: show us the damn game. Fox missed a number of plays due to inane chatter or because they were busy talking about someone on the sidelines or the stands.

And some of the camera-people had clearly worked on the Blair Witch Project. I’ve never seen such a shaky image in a game.

In addition, their analysis with flat wrong in many cases. At the end of the game, with two minutes left, and Texas down by four points, one of the announcers talked about how Texas needed to drive the field for either a field goal or a touchdown. Now, I’m sure Mathematics wasn’t his best subject in school, but I don’t think three points would have been sufficient.

The yellow Fiesta Bowl logo in the upper right of the screen was annoying. I kept thinking there was a flag.

Ohio State is one of the best tackling teams I’ve seen in some time. Rarely do they miss, and once they have hold of you, you’re almost always going to the ground. Fantastic fundamentals.

Fortunately, they missed one tackle that led to a game winning touchdown by Quan.

Only 72 yards rushing. Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis how no idea how to scheme a running game. He insisted on calling that slowly developing, off-tackle run that only occasionally works against a team with a poor running defense. Against Ohio State, it was a virtually guaranteed loss of yards.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl - Texas v Ohio State

We didn’t get the blowout we wanted, but this Ohio State team clearly matched up against us very well. We should be pleased (and relieved) with this win.

Great exit for Quan Cosby. Fourteen receptions for 171 yards and two touchdowns, including the game winner. I love seeing him finish his Longhorn career on such a high note.

Over four hundred yards passing by Colt, but only two touchdowns (although he ran one in as well). Great job of bend-but-don’t-break by Ohio State.

Give Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor another year of experience, and I’m not sure we get out of there with a win.

But we did get out there with a win. Our 12th win of the season, and fifth bowl win in a row.

Great job, Longhorns!

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  1. Lindsey

    Haha, I agree Brian! The announcers weren’t the best, kind of annoying…and even more annoying when the camera would miss a play. We tried putting it on mute and listening to Craig Way on the radio but we couldn’t get it synced. The best part was when he said we needed to get in field goal range. Don and I looked at each other both thinking, did he really just say that?!

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