Finally Ordered my MINI Cooper

As many know, I’ve been looking at getting a MINI Cooper for some time now. Being a cheap SOB, I have waited on pulling the trigger for a couple of years.

But, over the last few months, the costs of keeping a car that’s almost old enough to go to college on the road have become more and more annoying.

Then, the straw that broke the camel’s back came a few weeks ago, when my car became the subject of a trivia question at the Apogee Holiday Party. The question was, “What is the combined age of Bill and Brian’s cars?” There bonus question was, “Is the more or less than the average age of an Apogeean?”

Both answers stung.

So, last week I ordered my MINI from Momentum in Houston. There isn’t yet a MINI dealer in Austin (although one is supposed to open up next to the BMW dealer “soon”), and I was unimpressed with the staff at the San Antonio dealer (they didn’t seem to know much about their products).

I’m going with the John Cooper Works MINI in British Racing Green with a white top, and chrome accents.

It should be available in forty-five to sixty days. As it’ll be delivered in Houston, I’ll get one more long drive with the Camry, and get to come back with the MINI.

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