The White Elephant Gift

Last night, my friends Rick and Jen hosted their annual White Elephant Gift Exchange. This party has grown from a small affair when they were still in the apartment above at-that-time Longhorn football player Limas Sweed to last night, where they had more than thirty people in their house.

The party was a wonderful opportunity to get rid of the hideous tea set I got stuck with last year (Sorry about sticking you with that, Brian and Teresa).

For a few minutes, I had a very cool wooden frog. I looked a bit like Kermit, had movable limbs, and would have looked awesome sitting on the shelf in my office next to Yoda. Unfortunately, the lady (whose name I don’t remember) I took him from stole him back a few minutes later.

What I ended up with was this very interesting desk calendar. It must be broken because the date is wrong.

Click on a thumbnail to see it in all its full-size glory.

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