Sam Bradford Grabs the Heisman

In one of the closest votes ever, Sam Bradford beat out Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow for the Heisman Trophy this evening. Bradford joins four other Sooners in winning the award, including upstanding citizen Billy Sims, who was unable to refrain from yelling out drunken comments during the ceremony. One wonders why someone who hocked his own Heisman Trophy was even allowed in the room.

Oklahoma's Sam Bradford

Bradford won with 1,726 points. McCoy was second with 1,604 points and Tebow came in third at 1,575 points. I really expected Tebow to win with the smothering love they’ve been giving him on ESPN the last few weeks.

Meanwhile in Oklahoma, celebrations over the announcement are driving Milwaukee’s Best Ice to critically low levels, and rioting is expected. Countless mobile homes may be destroyed in the resulting melee.

In all fairness, Bradford seems like a good kid. His acceptance speech was very gracious and gave the credit to his team and coaches. Said Bradford when he was on stage:

I was surrounded by such a strong supporting cast, I feel like I’m up here representing them. It’s an individual award, but I fell like I’m receiving it on behalf of my teammates. Without them, I would be nowhere.

Truer words have never been spoken.

I want to dislike him, but he doesn’t really give many reasons to do so.

Except one.

He’s an Oklahoma Sooner.

That’s more than enough reason to hate him.

So, congrats on the win tonight, Sam, and here’s to hoping that the Heisman Curse comes true for you, and that the Florida Gators pound you almost as bad as the Texas Longhorns did.

1 Comment on “Sam Bradford Grabs the Heisman

  1. Kumar

    Heisman curse will certainly haunt Bradford.
    Its not a weird curse.. its eventual..

    few of the reasons for this curse’s effectviness being:

    i) Heisman-related event commitments that could cut short his practice..
    ii) a bit more motivation ammo for the opponents team
    iii) while the heisman team is basking in the glory already :))

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