Colt McCoy says he is going to stay for Senior Year

After an ugly weekend, more good news comes in for the Texas Longhoorns. Suzanne Halliburton of the Austin American Statesman is reporting that Colt McCoy told her that he is coming back for his senior year.

Texas v Oklahoma

He expects to only need to take one course next fall to graduate after the fall semester. I can only hope he doesn’t take ballroom dancing.

McCoy was quoted as saying:

I’m coming back because we have a solid coaching staff. And I’m coming back because I feel like I can develop the young receivers we have.

He also said that he will not initiate a formal evaluation with the NFL underclassmen committee, although Texas coaches may request one for informational purposes. This may be used to inform an insurance policy that is often taken out for hot NFL prospects who return for their senior year.

Some worry that this may hand the Heisman Trophy to Sam Bradford, as voters believe McCoy will have another year to earn it.

Others may worry that this sounds eerily similar to statements from Vince Young during his junior year. I certainly empathize, but all of VY’s statements left some hedge room. He generally added things such as, “You’ve got to leave that decision open.” McCoy’s statement seems to be much more definitive.

Ok, Colt, stop talking to the press, and go watch some Ohio State tape!

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