Moana is Star Wars Retold

One of the inevitabilities of having a five year old is that I’ll eventually see every Disney movie, whether I plan to or not. We’re just now starting to take her to movies in the theatre, so we didn’t see Moana when it came out last fall.

But now that it’s on Netflix, we’ve watched it countless times. It’s entertaining, and a definite step up from the inane “based on the movie” shows on Netflix like Home or Angry Birds.…

A Tour of LucasFilm

When I was in the Bay Area a couple of weeks ago, high school classmate David Lenihan offered to give me a tour of LucasFilm, where he works as an R&D engineer. Like any good Star Wars geek, I immediately accepted!

LucasFilm has a number of campuses, and the one in San Francisco is located on the former grounds of the Presidio. You wouldn’t even know it was there, except for the statue outside of Yoda.

Photography within …