Honeymoon in Puerto Rico, Part Three

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The second half of our Old San Juan excursion was an “Authentic Dance Show”. Frankly, I can’t say how authentic it was. It may have been perfectly representative of the dance of Puerto Rico; I just don’t know enough about dance to make a call.

It was, however, quite entertaining. Lots of movement and color in the visuals, and I’ve always liked Latin rhythms.

The show, which occurs …

Honeymoon in Puerto Rico, Part Two

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While in Puerto Rico, we went on an excursion that included a tour of Old San Juan. It was supposed to be a walking tour, but given the heat and humidity of Puerto Rico in July, we thought that was a pretty good idea. Naturally, he mostly wanted to shorten the length of the tour by driving, but we didn’t mind if we got to enjoy the van’s …

Honeymoon in Puerto Rico, Part One

After completing my series of posts on the St. Lucia part of our honeymoon, let’s take a look at the Puerto Rico segment.

We actually went to Puerto Rico first. There are two airports on St. Lucia, one on the north of the island and one on the south. If you fly from the mainland, you have to fly into the larger airport in the south. To get to the Sandals Grande from there, it is a two hour …