Photoblog: Half Moon Bay, June 2006

A few years back, my uncle (who live in San Carlos, California) introduced me to this little stretch of beach on PCH just south of Half Moon Bay (which is between San Francisco and Santa Cruz). The first time Shea and I went to the Bay Area, we paid that spot a visit and left with these pictures.

The sky was a bit boring that day, but the view is such that I still came away with nice, but not …

Photoblog: San Francisco, March 2008

Last March, I spent several days in Santa Clara, California for SMX West. My then fiance (now wife) joined me and we drove up the peninsula to spend the weekend in San Francisco. We burned some Hilton Honors points and stayed at the Hilton Financial District. Our room had a huge picture window with a fantastic view of Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill. I was a bit burned out from the three day show, so we spent a couple of hour relaxing in the room as the sun went down, watching the light change on Coit Tower.

Photoblog: Giants vs. Cowboys Game Photos, Part One

As I posted previously, we were on the second row of the upper deck, so we had a great view.

Unfortunately, much of the view was taken up by the four, um, “ladies” in front of us. I’m fairly confident that they were all ex-strippers, and I suspect that they might have looked good at some point in the 1980’s. Let’s just say they were past their prime.

They were all very drunk (with perhaps some other chemicals involved), …

Photoblog: Giants vs. Cowboys Pregame

This past weekend, I attended my first NFL game, and more importantly, my first Dallas Cowboys game. The wife bought me a pair of tickets for my birthday a few months back, and I was nice enough to bring her with me.

To say it was a different environment from a Longhorn game is a huge understatement. While there is certainly drinking going on before (and during) a college game, the number of truly smashed fans is relatively small. At …

Seattle to Bainbridge Island Ferry

After I finished my last meeting in Seattle last week, it was off to Port Townsend with the wife for the weekend. To get there, we took the ferry from downtown Seattle to Bainbridge Island. After parking the car, I naturally grabbed the Nikon and headed topside to take some pictures.

I do love it when the sky decides to be a drama queen!

Next, I’ll have some pictures from Port Townsend, which is about a ninety minute drive from …

Honeymoon in Puerto Rico, Part Three

Return to Honeymoon in Puerto Rico, Part Two, should you desire.

The second half of our Old San Juan excursion was an “Authentic Dance Show”. Frankly, I can’t say how authentic it was. It may have been perfectly representative of the dance of Puerto Rico; I just don’t know enough about dance to make a call.

It was, however, quite entertaining. Lots of movement and color in the visuals, and I’ve always liked Latin rhythms.

The show, which occurs …