We’ll Miss You, Online Market World

Over the weekend, it was revealed that Online Market World, a two-year old conference in San Francisco, has been discontinued.

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I’m sad to see it go, as my business partner had spoken at both conferences, and my firm, Apogee Search had exhibited at the most recent one last month. It had been a good conference for us. There may still be some chance that it is revived under new management, but that doesn’t appear …

Kathy Ireland at Online Market World

This morning’s keyword at Online Market World was given by Kathy Ireland. She talked about her company, Kathy Ireland Worldwide, and its usage of the Internet to build brand.

Her keynote basically consisted of a series of short anecdotes, many of which were either entertaining or informative. There wasn’t really a common thread pulling through the presentation, which made it easy to lose track of what she was saying. On the other hand, it was also easy to pick it …