My NCAA Football Top Five

1st – Florida Gators
They looked great tonight and their defense was amazing, holding a potent OU offense to fourteen points. Yes, their loss was worse than ours, but they’ve certainly gotten it done since then.

2nd – Texas Longhorns
No, they didn’t exactly dominate the Fiesta Bowl, but Ohio State played their best game of the season against us. Besides, it’s my list and I’m still pissed about our not being in the National Championship Game. You’re lucky I …

Longhorns should root for the Florida Gators

I've had a number of people over the last few weeks try to convince me that it is in Texas' best interests to root for the Oklahoma Sooners in Thursday's national championship game against the Florida Sooners. These arguments generally boil down to two points:
  1. Texas would receive more money from a win by a Big 12 Conference team
  2. A close win by Oklahoma might lead to Texas taking the top spot in the final AP poll (e.g. the mythical split championship)
Let's just put aside the ethical concerns of rooting for the Cheaters from the North for a moment...

Gator Bowl Predictions

Let me say from the start that what head coach Bo Pelini has done with Nebraska in his first year at the helm is impressive. He took a 5-7 Nebraska team and added three wins, including victories over Kansas and Kansas State. I've got quite a bit of respect for the Nebraska football program. They've been in a down cycle for an awful long time, but the Big 12 Conference is better off having them be a national contender out of the North Division. And their fans are truly the most knowledgeable, respectable fans I've seen. I really love when they come to Austin to play. It doesn't hurt that the Longhorns have, well, owned the Cornhuskers for the last dozen years or so.

A Timeline of Oklahoma Cheating

With the Oklahoma Sooners' undeserved national championship game approaching, let's look back at the history of rules breaking at this fine institution. 1889: The Land Run Territories in Oklahoma were opened for settlement at high noon on April 22, 1889, with an estimated 50,000 people lined up for their piece of the available two million acres. It was called a land run as land was claimed on a first come, first served basis. Those who broke the rules by crossing the border into the territory before it was allowed were said to have been crossing the border sooner, leading to the term "sooners", which eventually became the state's official nickname. Thus, the state institutionalized the approval of cheating. [...]

Cotton Bowl Predictions

In yet another example of how screwed up the bowl system is, eighth ranked and one-loss Texas Tech faces twentieth ranked and four-loss Ole Miss in the 2009 Cotton Bowl. And don't get me started on how immoral, unethical, and illegal it is to have the Cotton Bowl on January 2nd. The Cotton Bowl is, and always should be, a New Years Day game. How this didn't come up during the presidential campaign, I'll never know. Moving it proves that the terrorists have already won. I generally root for Texas Tech in bowl games, because while strange, they're still Texans. I've actually got a couple of reasons to pull for the Rebels, however. [...]

BCS Bowl Games Predictions

My Christmas wish of a playoff in Division 1A football did not come true this year, and the new year approaches, so it's time to start thinking about the BCS games starting next week. [...]