KXAN back on Time Warner

As I discussed perviously, KXAN and LIN had to cut a deal with Time Warner before November 1st. Lo and behold, yesterday the deal got done.

Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed by either side, but I don’t expect that Time Warner gave up much. In a down economy, KXAN simply couldn’t afford the reduction in advertising rates that would come from being off of Time Warner during the November sweeps.

The Austin Business Journal claims that Time …

KXAN has Two Weeks to get a Deal Done with Time Warner

Those outside the Austin market might not be aware, but Time Warner and LIN Television’s KXAN are in the midst of a bit of a tiff. According to Wikipedia:

LIN TV ceased transmissions on Time Warner Cable systems nationwide at midnight (12:00 A.M. central daylight time) on Friday October 3, 2008.[3] Free over-the-air stations such as KXAN have long allowed cable companies to carry their signal for free. Cable networks are paid as much as 10 cents per day per