American Idol, Top 13 Performances

Overall, a night of solid performances, with only one or two that were rather poor. The theme of the night was the "Music of Michael Jackson". I was going to ask how much MJ paid for this promotion, but I doubt he could afford the price. The contestants entered from alternating staircases, which led to a nauseating back and forth with the camera. Try something else, Fox. And I have to ask, did Paula strangle a bird with the strap of her dress?

American Idol – Top 36, Group 3 Performances

Heading into this week, my expectations were rather low. None of the performers tonight had particularly impressed me during Hollywood Week. While it was a bit of a roller coaster with some horrendous performances, there were a number that were quite good, and predicting who makes it through is going to be tough. At the beginning of the show, they talked about having a week where Simon Cowell picks the songs for everyone. I really hope they do this. He always critiques people on their song choice, and I'm curious to see if he could do better. I expect that he would do well.