Be Careful What You Wish For…

With continuing stories coming about regarding alleged malfeasance by Donald Trump, the cries for impeachment have begun. While they are currently just coming from the fringes, there’s no question that all of the political Left and some of the political Right would like to see him gone.

I really wish those doing so would think through what would happen if Trump were impeached and removed from office.

Getting rid of Trump doesn’t get rid of the Trumpists. There is a …

Trump’s Reality TV Cabinet

If we’re going to elect a president from reality television, he should fill his cabinet with appointees from that same world. Here are my suggestions for how he could do so.

Paris Hilton (The Simple Life)

No one books more worldwide travel than Paris, and from what I learned from Obama’s first Secretary of State, that’s the most important qualification.

Todd Hoffman (Gold Rush)

I’m not sure if he makes more money from gold mining or being on …