Gator Bowl Predictions

Let me say from the start that what head coach Bo Pelini has done with Nebraska in his first year at the helm is impressive. He took a 5-7 Nebraska team and added three wins, including victories over Kansas and Kansas State. I've got quite a bit of respect for the Nebraska football program. They've been in a down cycle for an awful long time, but the Big 12 Conference is better off having them be a national contender out of the North Division. And their fans are truly the most knowledgeable, respectable fans I've seen. I really love when they come to Austin to play. It doesn't hurt that the Longhorns have, well, owned the Cornhuskers for the last dozen years or so.

Does Mike Leach Leave Texas Tech?

Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach is a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, with a strong dose of lysergic acid diethylamide. So, predicting his future behavior is generally a lesson in humility. But after last night’s loss to Oklahoma, it’s time to ask, Does Mike Leach stay or does he go?

This year’s team is as good as it’s going to get at Texas Tech for Leach. Graham Harrell is gone after this season and probable first rounder Michael Crabtree …

Does Muschamp go to Clemson?

With Tommy Bowden out at Clemson, the talk of his replacement has begun. High on the list, of course, is Texas Longhorn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp.

This is not surprising. What Muschamp has done at Texas is nothing short of amazing. He has taken a bunch of young, raw defensive talent, and molded it into a force in just a few short months. The improvement can be seen on a week by week basis. As long as his guys …