Not so fast, Aggies!

Texas A&M’s road trip to the SEC had major brakes put on it this week. Baylor has refused to waive their right to sue the SEC over the recruitment of Texas A&M.

This is in contrast to their verbal agreement not to sue given two weeks ago. But at that point, it looked like the Big 12 Conference would survive A&M’s departure. With OU looking west, that won’t happen.

I can’t blame Baylor for taking this stance. They haven’t been …

And It’s Goodbye to A&M

This morning, the Texas A&M Aggies officially gave notice that they plan to leave the Big 12 Conference. While their intended destination is not stated, everyone knows they’re heading to the SEC.

I have mixed emotions about this.

On the one hand, I’ll miss the history of the rivalry. It’s been a game I’ve both looked forward to and dreaded.

But make no mistake, Texas will not play A&M ever again in any sport (after this school year), unless …

The Big 12 is an Undead Conference

The Big 12 Conference is dead; it just doesn’t know it yet.

There is no question that the Big 10 Conference intends to grow. The only question is how many they add, and who they take.

On the first question, they want to add at least one team, which will give them twelve (they actually have eleven teams right now). This allows them to have a conference championship, increase their revenue, and still be part of the conversation on the …

Seven Big Twelve Players Drafted in First Round

The Big Twelve Conference had a solid showing in the first round of the 2009 NFL draft, with seven players taken in the initial thirty-two picks. The St. Louis Rams took Baylor offensive tackle Jason Smith with the second pick. A 6' 5", 309 pound converted tight end, Smith was the first non-special teams All American for Baylor since 1995. Texas Tech's Michael Crabtree was picked tenth by the San Francisco 49ers. Crabtree is easily the most talented receiver in this years draft, but dropped quite a few spots due to concerns over his attitude and resilience.

Longhorns on the Outside Looking In

As expected, the Oklahoma Sooners jumped my Texas Longhorns in today’s BCS rankings. As a result, Oklahoma is off to Kansas City next weekend to play the collapsing Missouri Tigers for the Big Twelve Championship. Win there, and the Sooners are most likely off to Miami to play in the national championship against the winner of the SEC Championship between Florida and Alabama.

In no way do I want to belittle Oklahoma. Ok, I want to belittle Oklahoma just about …