Sorry Texas A&M – Johnny Football Is Just Not That Into You

Here’s a little something I’ve been working on for the last week or two:

I’ve been trying to decide when to put this out there, but with today’s news that Johnny Manziel is under investigation for signing autographs for a fee, I realized that now was the time. It’s possible that JF won’t be an Aggie too much longer.

On the other hand, it could all blow over. Perhaps Manziel is innocent, or perhaps he’ll return the money he was …

Met Hugh Freeze

I’m in New Orleans this week for PubCon Spring 2013. My family came along, so we had Monday to run around the French Quarter together.

We ended up at Grand Isle Restaurant for dinner, and decided to sit outside, since there was a nice breeze. Across a narrow courtyard from us was the sports bar Manning’s, which was hosting an alumni event for Ole Miss.

My father-in-law is an Ole Miss alum, so I follow their football team a …

Video: Texas Longhorn Enhanced Team Walk-in

For several seasons now, a crowd has been gathering to watch the Texas Longhorns walk in to Darrell K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium before home football games. As the event has grown in popularity, it’s been harder and harder to actually see.

This year, they’ve expanded the event. Instead of being dropped off right at the north gate, the team is being dropped off at the corner of 23rd Street and Robert Dedman. They then walk about half a …

Pistorius Raises Questions

Without question, the feel-good story of the London 2012 Olympics, at least so far, is the competition by Oscar Pistorius, a paraplegic who made it to the semi-final of the 400 meter dash on a pair of carbon-fiber prosthetics.

Pistorius had to petition the Olympic committee to be allowed to compete, and there are some who believe that the prosthetic legs gave him an unfair advantage.

That, of course, is inane. At least today.

At some point in the future, …

Truly a Mythical National Championship

Most people think the BCS got this season’s two best teams into the National Championship Game. Of course, the computers solidly disagreed with this sentiment, and it doesn’t really hold up to scrutiny of comparative non-conference schedules.

But more than anything, we’ve already seen the game. The pundits told me it was the Game of the Century, so it couldn’t happen again, could it?

Alabama had their shot. On their own field. And they couldn’t get it done.

There’s no …

Fozzy Whittaker Done for the Season

For his entire Longhorn career, Fozzy Whittaker fought the injury bug. Nagging injuries caused him to miss games his first three seasons.

An intense off-season after last year’s 5-7 horror show paid off in a big way this season. Fozzy was bigger and faster, and turned into a force both returning kicks and running the Wild Fozzy for the Longhorns.

On Saturday, a sub-par surface at Faurot Field took him out for the season. As soon as I saw the …