Nobel Prize in Physics for 2041 Announced

Press Release
Stockholm, Sweden

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2041 to:

Aubrey Elizabeth Combs, PhD
University of Texas, Austin, TX, USA

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, October 2, 2041 – On Wednesday, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that Dr. Aubrey Elizabeth Combs has been named the Nobel Laureate for Physics in 2041. She received the award for her Theory of Everything, which unified the disciplines of general relativity and quantum …

Bailey on the Run

These were taken in June 2010 at my Father-in-Law’s ranch in Hutto, Texas. Bailey is chasing after Ben, a golden lab that she absolutely adores. Ben was barely running, but Bailey had to give it her all to catch up.

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Tech Notes: These were taken with my Nikon D200 and my Nikkor 300mm f/2.8 telephoto. The lens has amazingly fast autofocus, but the D200 couldn’t really drive it fast enough.…

A First Look at Bailey

On April 2, 2010, Bailey entered our lives. She is a Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle.

The pocket beagle was a breed of miniature beagle that died out about a century ago. Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle is an attempt to recreate the breed by combining beagles and duchshunds, and many generations of miniaturization.

Bailey was bred by a breeder in New Jersey, and flown in via air. These pictures were taken within a few days of her arrival.

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My Jury Duty Experience

A few weeks back, I received a jury summons. I’ve never served on a jury, and I wouldn’t mind doing so, except that right now I’m relatively busy with client work. In addition, I’m bidding some projects that I might lose if I end up spending two or three weeks in a jury box.

I’m not a student, and last I checked, Obama hadn’t yet approved my request to become the ambassador to St. Lucia, so I didn’t have an …

Finally Ordered my MINI Cooper

As many know, I've been looking at getting a MINI Cooper for some time now. Being a cheap SOB, I have waited on pulling the trigger for a couple of years. But, over the last few months, the costs of keeping a car that's almost old enough to go to college on the road have become more and more annoying. Then, the straw that broke the camel's back came a few weeks ago, when my car became the subject of a trivia question at the Apogee Holiday Party. The question was, "What is the combined age of Bill and Brian's cars?" There bonus question was, "Is the more or less than the average age of an Apogeean?" Both answers stung.

The White Elephant Gift

Last night, my friends Rick and Jen hosted their annual White Elephant Gift Exchange. This party has grown from a small affair when they were still in the apartment above at-that-time Longhorn football player Limas Sweed to last night, where they had more than thirty people in their house.

The party was a wonderful opportunity to get rid of the hideous tea set I got stuck with last year (Sorry about sticking you with that, Brian and Teresa).

For a …