Sous Vide Chicken Marsala

Anyone who knows me knows I love my sous vide. It allows one to cook meat to the perfect degree of doneness, while most of the time spent is unattended.

I’ve been making chicken marsala for a long time now. I don’t remember where I found the recipe originally, but I’ve since taken it a long way in my own direction.

One of the big challenges was developing a recipe that allowed one to build the marsala sauce, while not …

Best Hugh Freeze Memes

It’s been a few days since Hugh Freeze’s sudden departure from Ole Miss. It’s time to look back at the best memes created around Hugh Freeze. Some of these are in response to his “resignation”, but others are from other parts of his tenure.

Quick disclosure, a few years ago I actually met Coach Freeze briefly, but that will have no impact on my choices here. All that matters is funny.

This one from a game against Texas A&M most …

Pardon Our Dust

I’m installing a new theme in order to comply with Google’s mobile usability demands. This blog was first launched on WordPress about six and a half years ago, so it was held together with duct tape, ancient plugins and prayer.

As a result, converting it to a modern structure is taking a bit of effort. There are going to be things that are broken. Some of them I’ll catch. Some of them I might not catch.

If anything in particular …

Review: Go Fork Yourself Podcast

As some already know, I’m a major consumer of podcasts. I get most of my audio news that way. I listen to as many history podcasts as I can, and a few on entrepreneurship and music.

The are surprisingly few good podcasts on food, especially with the potential demise of the Alton Browncast (it hasn’t released a new episode in a number of months).

One of the best food related podcasts is Go Fork Yourself, by Andrew Zimmern of …

Random Early Thoughts on the 2014 Midterm Elections

At this point, everyone is expecting a bloodbath for the Democrats in the 2014 midterm elections.. Candidates are running away from both the Affordable Care Act and the Obama Administration. The only question is how bad it’ll be. Some Democrats are already conceding the Senate, jumping right to the bargaining stage of grief, and arguing that it won’t be a big deal to the Republicans.

To me, the biggest problem is that the Republicans are going to benefit. They …

Separated at Birth: Rod Gilmore/Joe Tessitore and the Sportscasters from Bedazzled

Something about the Thursday and Friday night football broadcast with Rod Gilmore and Joe Tessitore has always seemed familiar to me. It finally hit me.

Yes, the resemblance to the two sportscasters from Bedazzled is remarkable.

I would think this was intentional, but the movie was filmed in 2000 and Tessitore didn’t even start working at ESPN until 2002. As far as I can tell, they hadn’t worked together on screen before ESPN.…

Convergence: Venus, the Moon and Jupiter, February 25, 2012

I walked into the backyard this evening and was surprised by a fairly nice astro-convergence happening tonight. A waxing moon formed a triangle with Venus to the lower left, and Jupiter to the upper left.

I took a few quick pictures off my back porch. Didn’t have time to do anything to fancy.

Here’s my favorite. Scroll down to see the whole thing.

Tech Notes: Taken on my Nikon D700 with a Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 at about 70mm to get …

Nobel Prize in Physics for 2041 Announced

Press Release
Stockholm, Sweden

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2041 to:

Aubrey Elizabeth Combs, PhD
University of Texas, Austin, TX, USA

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, October 2, 2041 – On Wednesday, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that Dr. Aubrey Elizabeth Combs has been named the Nobel Laureate for Physics in 2041. She received the award for her Theory of Everything, which unified the disciplines of general relativity and quantum …

Review: Shibuya in the MGM Grand Las Vegas

There are certain restaurants I visit just about every time I come to Vegas: the oyster bar within Harrahs, BLT Burgers (for the milkshakes) and The Egg and I.

Sorry Carnevino, I’m over you.

My latest addition to this list is Shibuya inside the MGM Grand. It’s by far the best sushi I’ve had east of California.

On my most recent trip to Vegas, I was actually staying at the MGM Grand, so it made perfect sense to visit Shibuya …