Mike Leach to Washington?

The rumors are swirling that Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach spent the morning in Seattle. Perhaps he’s there to enjoy the sunny December weather, but a more likely explanation is that he’s meeting with the University of Washington to discuss their job opening.

Texas v Texas Tech

I explored the possibility of Leach leaving Texas Tech about a week ago, and my feelings are the same: if Washington offers, Leach is gone.

It’s likely that this year is about as good as it gets for Leach in the Big Twelve. He has a great quarterback, perhaps the best receiver in the country, a favorable schedule, and a defense that doesn’t suck.

And what did he get out of it? A likely bid to the Cotton Bowl, and no conference championship. Heck, Tech wasn’t even in discussions of going to the Big 12 Championship Game, even though they had the same record as Texas and Oklahoma.

Looks like there will be a new pirate ship in Puget Sound.

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