Texas Longhorns Number Two in BCS

The new rankings are out:

1. Alabama – .987
2. Texas – .921
3. Oklahoma – .912
4. Florida – .875
5. USC – .797
6. Utah – .786
7. Texas Tech – .779
8. Penn State – .752
9. Boise State – .658
10. Ohio State – .621

Either Alabama or Florida will drop out of the picture after losing the SEC championship. The winner probably goes to Miami.

Texas Longhorns v Kansas Jayhawks

Don’t see USC getting back in it, unless most of the teams above them collapse.

Sorry, Texas Tech, as expected, you’re out of it. Utah has a better chance of playing in the national championship than you do.

It’s going to be very close between Texas and Oklahoma. We play A&M on Thursday, and Oklahoma plays Oklahoma State on Saturday. Assuming wins by both, Oklahoma will gain over Texas in the computer polls because of strength of schedule, and will have an advantage with the human polls by playing right before they vote.

Texas needs a big, impressive win over the Aggies Thursday night. Given Mack Brown penchant for being the gentleman, and the fact that they’ve beat us the last two years, I’d rather not count on that. Besides, it might not be enough.

So, we need to root for the Cowboys to beat the Sooners in the Bedlam Series. No problem; I would have done so anyways. And it may well happen.

If OSU wins and Tech beats Baylor, Tech goes to the Big Twelve Championship against Missouri, and Texas plays for the national championship.

If OSU and Baylor wins, then Texas goes to the Big Twelve Championship. Win that, and their Miami bound. Lose that, and we’re Fiesta bound.

So, beat Texas A&M on Thursday, and we’re heading to a BCS bowl at a minimum. That works for me.

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