Does Mike Leach Leave Texas Tech?

Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach is a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, with a strong dose of lysergic acid diethylamide. So, predicting his future behavior is generally a lesson in humility. But after last night’s loss to Oklahoma, it’s time to ask, Does Mike Leach stay or does he go?

This year’s team is as good as it’s going to get at Texas Tech for Leach. Graham Harrell is gone after this season and probable first rounder Michael Crabtree is expected to go for the quan with two years of eligibility left.

And, with all that’s right this year, Tech is a long shot to even play in the Big Twelve Championship, and is unlikely to make a BCS game, much less the national championship. After all the hype, tortilla throwing, and bleacher destruction, Tech seems headed for either the Cotton or the Bluebonnet Bowls.

Oklahoma State v Texas Tech

That has just got to sting.

Nevertheless, he’s a hot commodity at this time. He’s achieved more with less raw talent than anyone I can remember. But, his prospects aren’t likely to go up from here.

There are openings at Washington, Clemson, and Tennessee. And, perhaps in a couple of weeks, at Notre Dame.

I expect Leach would consider three things when evaluating any offers:

  1. The stature of the program.
  2. The money of the offer.
  3. Whether the school would allow Leach to be Leach.

Let’s toss Notre Dame out of the picture for now. We don’t know for sure that there even will be an opening, but they certainly have the stature and money to take Leach away from Lubbock. It’s safe to assume that if Notre Dame comes calling, Leach will pack his bags.

Of the other three, Tennessee has the most stature, followed by Clemson, with Washington bringing up the rear.

Tennessee and Clemson clearly have stronger boosters than Washington, but all three probably have the money to make a very tempting offer to Leach.

The third factor may be the most interesting. Washington boosters would probably like to have a big personality like Leach. Clemson would probably be willing to put up with him, but Tennessee might have serious problems with his antics.

That said, if Tennessee wants Leach, they’ll get him. Leach would probably stay at Tech rather than go to Clemson. And Leach would probably go to Washington, because it would be fun to play in the Pac 10 (where defense is a secondary consideration on the best year). Plus, he could sail a pirate ship on Puget Sound.

If Leach doesn’t leave Texas Tech this year, I expect he finishes out his career in Lubbock.

3 Comments on “Does Mike Leach Leave Texas Tech?

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  2. David

    Wow. What responsible journalism. Why wouldn’t great players want to come play at Tech after the best season in TTU history? Saying stuff like “That said, if Tennessee wants Leach, they’ll get him”, isn’t really something a good journalist would say. Are you inside Mike’s head? Do you know what he thinks? For a guy like Leach, money isn’t the most important thing in the world, proving yourself is. If you think Leach doesn’t love this Tech football program and doesn’t want to make it the very best it can be, then you’re crazy. Also you should probably check your facts before you publish an online article. Leach wouldn’t be leaving Tech this year. His contract with Tech doesn’t end until 2010. This has to be the worst article I’ve ever read.

  3. Brian Combs


    I’m not a journalist and never claimed to be! This is a personal blog and everything here is my opinion.

    That said, I think the evidence is clear that Leach is trying to upgrade from Texas Tech. Unfortunately, he hasn’t had any offers yet.

    However, assuming he says, I’m sure he’ll do everything he can to make his team competitive.

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