Texas versus Baylor Predictions

After a last second loss to Texas Tech, the Longhorns return to the field against the Baylor Bears. It’s early and I’m still on my first espresso, so don’t expect anything brilliant, but here are my pre-game thoughts:

As a fan, the best thing about an 11am game time is that it means I won’t be looking directly into the sun from our upper deck, east side seats. The hardest thing is trying to get rolling this early on a Saturday morning.

I expect the same from the fans. The student section, especially, will likely be nearly empty at kickoff. The fans will be sedate and quite.

Add that to the fact that the Longhorns are beat up, tired, and face a probably let down after the Texas Tech game, and you’ve got a perfect storm for the opposing team. Fortunately, it’s just Baylor.

Have no doubt, this Baylor team is quite a bit better than the patsies they’ve fielded in years past. Freshman QB Robert Griffin is a gamer and is a legitimate run or deep pass threat. Coach Briles has done an amazing job of simplifying the offense so that Griffin has fewer choices to make as he learns. They’re going to move the ball on us, especially with our injured secondary.

Their defense, however, is not so good. They’re certainly vulnerable to the pass, and have shown some weakness against the run. If Greg Davis doesn’t curl up into a fetal position again, we should have our way with them. I expect to see a lot of Shipley and a good dose of Fozzy.

Baylor will come out of the locker room on fire. Nothing would make their season more than a victory over Texas.

So, expect them to start the game by hitting us right in the nose. They may even do so twice. Texas will settle down, however, and take over as the game progresses. We don’t cover the -28 point spread, however.

Prediction: Texas 35 – Baylor 14

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