Texas vs. Texas Tech Predictions

Let’s start with the bad news:

Texas Tech has their usual circus high-wire act of an offense. Graham Harrell is running it almost flawlessly, Michael Crabtree will definitely be playing on Sundays, and Tech may well have the nation’s best offensive line. Their defense is legitimate, as opposed to the horrific defenses of years past. The game is at night in Tech’s snakepit of a stadium with 53,000 drunk, screaming fans wearing all black.

And Texas Tech has a lot to prove. A win takes them to 9-0 (where they haven’t been in seventy years) and solidifies their standing as one of the top teams (for this season, at least).

Texas Tech is going to come out with fire in their bellies and hate in their hearts. We can expect the fans to throw everything from tortillas to batteries down from the stands.

The top ranked Texas Longhorns are going to have their hands full. We’re coming to the end of an insanely tough stretch of games. We just eked out a win against Oklahoma State at home, our defensive backfield is rather beat up, and there are many who believe that Colt McCoy can’t possibly continue to play at the level he has for the last two months.

I still think Texas walks away with a win on this one.

Oklahoma State quite possibly matched up better against Texas than any other team we will face this year. They’re balanced offensively and defensively. Texas has a very young defense. Against such a balanced offense, it really comes down to experience; there’s only so much of that can be handled by defensive scheme.

This team has never shown any indication of intimidation, and if they win tonight, you can pencil them in for a trip to Miami and the National Championship game.

Tech “legitimate defense” gave up 28 to Kansas State, 31 to Nebraska, and 25 to Texas A&M. Maybe someday Tech head coach Mike Leach will learn that if you take your best athletes and put them on the offensive side of the ball, that doesn’t leave much for defense.

Tech’s offense is not all that different from Missouri’s. Muschamp will come up with a scheme that will certainly slow it down.

Let’s not be mistaken; Texas Tech is certainly capable of winning this game. If Texas comes out flat, or Colt McCoy has an off game, it could get ugly. Most of the press is picking Tech for the upset.

I don’t think so.

Texas Tech will move the ball, racking up an insane number of yards, and scoring somewhere around thirty points.

However, Texas will control the clock with it’s short passing game and the occasional run, McCoy will rarely be stopped, and Texas’ defense will stop Tech a handful of times. The Texas linebacker crew needs to have the game of their lives, but I think Tech doesn’t break 35 points, and Texas scores around 50.

Prediction: Texas 52, Texas Tech 31

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