Texas versus Oklahoma State 2008

On a hot, late October Saturday afternoon, the Oklahoma State Cowboys gave the top ranked Texas Longhorns all they could handle. I was wrong about the Over/Under (I picked the Over), but it certainly was the closest game the Longhorns have played all season. OSU was every bit the top ten team that they were (and will hopefully remain) ranked, and Texas was a bit lucky to get out of there with a win.

That said, it’s virtually impossible to make it through a season without at least one down game, and Texas was certainly due. And holding on to a top ranking while everyone gives you their absolutely best shot is no trivial manner.

Mack Brown, Greg Davis and Will Muschamp certainly have some things to work on before they head out to Lubbock for Texas Tech next week.

I have seen some reports on the forums that the crowd didn’t seem loud on the television coverage. As someone in attendance, I can guarantee you that it was plenty loud. While not as consistently loud as the first half of the Mizzou game, there were several times when the noise was deafening. This was especially the case at the very end of the game, when OSU was trying to come from behind and win. I’ve never heard that much noise at DKR.

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