A Tough Road for the Longhorns

A Hurricane Ike altered schedule results in a scary six-game stretch starting for the Texas Longhorns this weekend:

  • 9/27: Arkansas at home
  • 10/4: At Colorado
  • 10/11: Oklahoma in Dallas
  • 10/18: Missouri at home
  • 10/25: Oklahoma State at home
  • 11/1: At Texas Tech

Arkansas, Colorado and Okie Lite should all be wins, but Texas is young enough that they could easily loose one of the three. OU, Mizzou and Tech all look tough, and any of them could be blowouts. Frankly, making it through these half dozen games with only two losses would be an accomplishment.

Colt McCoy’s offense looks pretty solid, although I’d like to see a more consistent ground game (from someone other than Colt). However, we’re probably going to get points on everyone we face.

The defense is the big question mark. I love what Will Muschamp is doing, but the defensive backfield needs things that only time and experience can bring. Teams have come out and really moved the ball on us in the first two quarters of our games. The half time adjustments have been great, but the high octane offenses of OU, Mizzou and Tech could put things away before the break.

If Texas can somehow make it through these six games without a loss, they would have to be among the favorites to make it to the championship game.

C’mon, Mack Brown. Now is time to earn those coaching dollars!

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