Piss Poor Political Prognostications

With the news that Mayor Pete is dropping out, I thought I should take a look at a couple of predictions I made going into the 2020 presidential campaign.

First of all, I said that Kamala Harris would be the Democratic Party nominee. Well, who could know that she would be such a singularly awful campaigner.

My next prediction was that the Democratic Party nominee would definitely not be a straight, white male.

Going into Super Tuesday, it looks to be a fight between Sanders, Biden and Bloomberg.

It seems that my political prognostications should hereafter be ignored, but I’ll stick by my last one: if Trump can hang onto a good economy, he’ll win easily. If things fall apart (in a manner beyond what we’ve seen the last few days), he’ll lose.

Who Trump’s opponent is, and actions they take don’t matter. It’s all about the economy.

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