Weekend in Port Townsend, Washington

After the ride on the Seattle to Bainbridge Island Ferry, we drove up the Olympic Peninsula to Port Townsend to visit my aunt and uncle.

Port Townsend, Washington is a community of about 8,000 two hours northwest of Seattle. It boasts many Victorian buildings from it heydays of the 1900’s, where it was a center of ship building.

Ross and Mary took us on a tour of the town center and the parks surrounding it. In fact, it felt a lot more like New England than the Pacific Northwest.

We were able to briefly go out on one of the two boats Ross owns (retirement must be nice).

The neighborhood in which Ross and Mary live is completely overrun by deer. Not the little forest rodents we have in Central Texas, but full-sized deer. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to like the sound of my camera shutter, so I didn’t get any quality pictures.

Saturday morning, we watched the Texas Longhorns win their shootout with the Oklahoma Sooners, then headed back to Seattle for our flight early the next morning. As we were driving away, I couldn’t resist pulling over for a few more pictures.

2 Comments on “Weekend in Port Townsend, Washington

  1. darngooddigs

    We traveled around Washington and Oregon this past July, and spent the afternoon in Port Townsend. We thought it was a fun, charming old town. We loved the old ice cream shop, watched our three year old play in the playground right by the water, and enjoyed just walking up and down the historic main street.

  2. Jenny

    Seattle is always lovely. I never took that ferry before. But superb pictures!

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