Review: Go Fork Yourself Podcast

As some already know, I’m a major consumer of podcasts. I get most of my audio news that way. I listen to as many history podcasts as I can, and a few on entrepreneurship and music.

The are surprisingly few good podcasts on food, especially with the potential demise of the Alton Browncast (it hasn’t released a new episode in a number of months).

One of the best food related podcasts is Go Fork Yourself, by Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods fame.

Every week, Andrew and his co-host Molly discuss the latest issues in food, in an episode that runs from forty minutes to an hour in length. The focus is largely on the restaurant industry, but they cover general food trends and sideline into travel as well.

Andrew’s equipment recommendations are gold. I love the spiral slider he recommended, and just ordered a Memphis Grills Elite for the outdoor kitchen in my new house.

He also has me seriously thinking about purchasing a sous-vide system.

Through interviews with chefs and discussions with Molly, Andrew helps the restaurant patron listener to understand the industry from the prospective of the chef and/or owner.

Sometimes the language can get a bit salty, but if you’ve ever worked in the industry, you know that this is just reality.

Give Go Fork Yourself a listen through iTunes or your favorite podcatcher!

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