Random Thoughts on the Longhorn Season Thus Far


Four games into the season, Texas has beaten one bad team solidly, lost badly to two mediocre teams, and squeeked out a win against another bad team. What does that make the Texas Longhorns?

It makes them a bad team as well, although one with a bit more heart than I thought before yesterday.

The K State game was badly officiated from top to bottom, but the last few minutes were ridiculous. It really got the crowd fired up, however. I haven’t heard DKR-TMS that loud in a while.

Case McCoy did a reasonable job given his limited skills, but K State’s defense is bad. Even mediocre defenses will load the box to stop the run, and dare McCoy to beat them with his arm. That won’t likely end well.

Greg Robinson has done about as well as could be expected. He can’t put his own defense in during the season, so he’s mostly sat the defense in base and gotten then to play sound, fundamental football. That’s a big improvement over what we were seeing with Manny Diaz, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens against the strong offenses coming our way this season.

I don’t see any way Mack Brown survives this season as head coach. I’ve heard from multiple sources that Mack has been given two choices by Bill Powers:

  1. Retire gracefully after the season’s end.
  2. Be forced out.

It seems to me that Mack is making a play that if he wins out, or wins the conference, or some other metric, he can keep his job. I expect that by the by halftime of the OU game, reality will have settled in.

Of the games that are left, the only likely win is Kansas. Oklahoma, OSU, and Baylor look like sure losses, and TCU is a likely loss. Iowa State, Texas Tech and West Virginia are at best toss ups.

So, 5-7 looks like the most likely record, with a small chance of 6-6 and a real chance of 4-8.

Right now, the only big money donor left in Mack’s corner is Joe Jamail. Maybe yesterday built some additional support for Mack, but it’ll evaporate after the next loss.

The ground work for a coaching search is already happening. When the time comes, the first thing we’ll do is make Saban say no. I expect he’ll stay at Alabama.

The next names I’m hearing include Muschamp, Strong, Shaw. I’d be happy with any of these three, but they’ll all be hard gets.

Beyond these four, there doesn’t seem to be any consensus at this time.

We’ll also be looking for a new athletic director, as DeLoss Dodds is expected to retire when the next round of Bev Kearney news comes out. I’m hearing the names Oliver Luck, Jeremy Foley and Tom Jurich. We’ll likely have a new AD in place before the end of the football season.

Does any of the coaching staff survive the turnover? That depends, of course, on who the new head coach is, but I don’t think we’ll see many of them back next year.

The most likely is Darryl Wyatt. His receivers have shown solid development, both in route running and in blocking.

Duane Akina might be offered a spot as DB coach, but there are lots of signs that he’s ready to move on, no matter what happens.

Major Applewhite has been a disappointment thus far. His play calling has been questionable at several points this season, and sending your banged up starting quarterback on designed runs is inexplicable.

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