Truly a Mythical National Championship

Most people think the BCS got this season’s two best teams into the National Championship Game. Of course, the computers solidly disagreed with this sentiment, and it doesn’t really hold up to scrutiny of comparative non-conference schedules.

But more than anything, we’ve already seen the game. The pundits told me it was the Game of the Century, so it couldn’t happen again, could it?

Alabama had their shot. On their own field. And they couldn’t get it done.

There’s no questions LSU is the top-rated team in the country. Their resume is impressive, and if they win tonight, they will have to be considered amongst the best teams all time.

But Alabama’s isn’t that impressive. Their best win is over a good, but not great, Arkansas team. Their victory over Penn State doesn’t look that awe inspiring in retrospect, and their other non-conference games were against Kent State, North Texas, and Georgia Southern.

Frankly, I’d rather see LSU play Oklahoma State or Stanford. Given the outcome of the Fiesta Bowl, OSU is the obvious choice, but we didn’t know that when the bowls were picked.

Either of them would have been better.

Many people say that LSU would destroy either team. Maybe. But that’s why they play the game. I can’t count how many times the “best” team couldn’t back it up on the field. (2005 Rose Bowl, anyone?)

But, Alabama versus LSU is what the inbred BCS has given us. I’m very torn on who to pull for.

Truth and justice makes me want LSU to win. Then, we’d have a clear national champion (sort of). Plus, routing against Alabama just feels good.

On the other hand, a win by Alabama and the obvious injustice it would represent (and the potential for a split championship), might do damage to a BCS system that needs to just die already.

I don’t really know. I guess what I’m hoping for is an interesting game. A repeat field goal fest wouldn’t be that.

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